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“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or pain of regret.”



    Get Personal Training

    Some People want it to happen,
    Some wish it would happen,
    Others make it happen,
    And they are none other than your Personal Trainers.
    Get tailor made fitness program for you from your Personal Trainers.
    • Swimming Pool


      A baby knows how to swim at the time of birth and forgets it as he grows. Get close to what Mother Nature has taught you even before birth and pamper yourself with the splashes.

    • Girl


      Bring your outer being in equilibrium with your inner health. Get the confidence of a positive body image at the Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Slimming centre at Equilibrium.

    • Candles


      The inner being of a Human Body needs a different kind of Care to keep away the toils of age and everyday stress. Revitalize your inner self with the exotic massages.

    • Woman Weight Loss


      When you enrol for slimming services with us, you not only embark on a journey to good health and a fit body, but are also put on the path to complete wellness.

    • Back Muscles


      “A healthy Mind resides in a healthy body”. This may be the most clinched words, but there in lies the essence of perfect health and EquilibriumPRO sets you on this track.

    • Exercise


      Aim for the best toned body to make your neighbours go gaga. Bring your heart and body in sync with your energy needs at the customized Aerobics sessions at Equilibrium.


    A Man
    Lose Big to Win Big!

    Mr. Vikas who lost 36 kgs in  70 days with his strong determination and expertise of Equilibrium team.

    - Mr. Vikas
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    Let's Talk About Fitness

    Aerobic Exercise
    Optimizing your weight loss scientifically and use of interesting ways of work out to speed up the same.

    Given a choice of work out for fat loss, everyone runs towards an activity like running or any form of cardio.

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    Our job is to make better

    one tiny muscle at a time

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