Best Fitness Centre in Faridabad

Equilibrium the most elite fitness center in the city stated in 2010 with world class equipments fabulous environment fluttering ambience and great space to do work-outs!!

Center deals with more than 2000 esteem members’ people find good result and achieve their targets. Our motto is to provide with great fitness to all type of aged people so that they can have better health.

“Good health is a state of complete harmony of the mind, body & soul”


We have experienced certified trainers who conduct different types of fitness programs as per body & structure of the clients who are coming for fitness & body building.

Gym facilities-: We are having all type of facilities in our center.


The sight is equipped with CYBEX U.S.A brand which give isolated movement to build muscles & gain strength. Location for equipments is comfortable so clients or members feel free to use it.


We are having aerobics & kick boxing studio a place where you lose your calories by having body weight exercise & body stretching to have flexibility.


Indoor swimming with the length of 18 meters & depth of 4’5’’ feet, after work-out can relax in the pool which gives strength to your lungs.


Steam, sauna & showers are there to pamper your body members feel relaxed after exercise.


Go for body massage and rejuvenate your full body with different types of massages like oil-massages, deep tissue massages dry massages & sports massages.


Have diet counseling with dietician to improve your life style and fitness.


Center have weight reducing department